10 ways to conquer at-home boredom

We are stuck at home together, Jared and I, he's been stood down for work as a commercial pilot & I am currently not working at the store, but at home.. together.. with Jared.

Here are 10 things we have done together & can be also done solo, to overcome those moments of frustrated boredom, take my advice - they're winners!


1. Spring Clean 

We started our home-bound adventures by not only scrubbing every surface with disinfectant, but vacuuming the house floor to ceilings and mopping every floor surface. Although this was super fun (NOT) I am also proud to say I managed to round up 5 garbage bags of clothes ready for donation. 

Clothing with tags, clothing I wore once (Bc the fabric is itchy, but the piece itself is beautiful) and clothing I forgot I even had, I've decided to part with. I know I won't miss them, but does anyone else have a clothing hoarding problem?!


2. Learn how to TikTok

So you think, it's just another Vine & not worth your time (ha! Poet), but boy are you wrong! TikTok is my newest obsession!

For one, there's a lot of different challenges you can do, like some fancy footwork dances (I uploaded ours to IG), you can do a question game with your partner or you can just spend hours scrolling through super talented or funny TikTokers.


3. Binge-Worthy Netflix/Stan/Etc TV Shows

There are a lot of options for you to binge on any of these platform, all of which are completely worth your time & attention. Here's what I've been in to lately (they are a bit of a mix in genres)
Netflix: Love is Blind, Cheer, Money Heist, Schitts Creek, Don't F**K with Cats, Good Girls, Unbelievable,  Criminal, You, Brooklyn Nine-nine
Stan: The Bold Type, FriendsThe Office, Parks & Recreation, Breaking Bad, The Handmaids Tale, Californication, Hart of Dixie
Other Platforms: The Night Of, Westworld

4. Food Prep

I'm just going to put it out there, I've never understood those "I love to cook" people. If I need to cook, I can do the job, but I don't get any pleasure from making a huge mess and then having to clean it up.

That being said, in these rough times, the only people I see out on the road are UberEats/Deliveroo riders & that's got me thinking.

If I spend $30 a night on food, everyday 7 days a week, that'll end up costing over $200 a week in unnecessary and often unhealthy choices. 

So we meal prepped - Pasta, Soup, potato bakes, Soba-noodles, Curries, Dahl and not only are they healthy - the cleanup is only once, I'm not ordering takeout, it's definitely more convenient and I sort of like my containers all lined up and neatly labelled... not sure how long this one will last though!




 5. Download the NY Times crossword app

A heavily underrated app, there are new daily crosswords which are all related to what's going on in the world. I'm generally not the best at crosswords, but their daily minis are super addictive. As an Australian, the challenge is even harder as they use politicians and events happening in the US, but overall a pretty reliable and fun app.

I generally use this one on long-haul flights, and download all the most recent crosswords, but I'm doing a big catchup which is keeping my brain stimulated as my mind begins to go crazy...


6. Garden

If you've ever been to the FR store on Chapel St, you'll know I absolutely love my plants and even the hardest ones to keep alive manage to thrive. 
Jared and I love gardening, we have only a small outside area but utilise the space on our balconies as well. Now that summertime is over the ideal time for planting crops such as tomatoes, basil, capsicums, melons, beans, corn and eggplants has finished.
The best crops to start planting at this time of year are salad greens, spinach, kale, broccoli, spring onions and various types of peas. Some crops don't like being transferred as already mature plants, so start with seedlings for things like carrots, beetroot, radishes, peas, rocket, coriander and dill. All these little beauties grow well in pots as well, so if you don't have any earth available, you can plant these on your balconies.
The best advice I can give you, and this is based on experience, is don't go cheap on soil!!! The reason for the difference in prices for soil is the quality for the crops. So take a leap, start small and easy with these ones I've listed, but plant them with quality mix and in a sunny area. Give them a fertilised feed fortnightly and don't overwater your plants!

7. Make a travel bucket list

This is the worst time to travel. Jared and I had the best trip planned in July - go to the olympics in Japan, travel all through Italy and (believe it or not) take a cruise from Rome through the Greek Islands. Probably couldn't have picked a worse itinerary for what's going on now. 

Needless to say, these plans have been postponed and I'm rethinking where else we can go now that my dream of going to the Olympics is over. I also find that putting together my bucket list convinces my brain that this virus is only a temporary infliction and we'll be able to do normal things, like travelling, really soon.

Where have you always wanted to go?

Which places have you yet to see in the world?

If you had $100,000 to spend on travel, what would you do?

What would be your #1 travel bucket list?


8. Give yourself a full body pamper

Well I did this on Friday and it not only gave me something to do, but was super relaxing and felt like I was giving myself a present. I do love a good bubble bath, but more than the soaking, I love the feeling of clean skin ready for a moisturise. I started with that and then gave myself a mani & pedi (both of which I have had done for me for the past 12 years). I also found from my local chemist some 'treat my hands and feet' masks which are meant to be some 'intensive repair' for both... yet to be determined.
I gave myself a facial with some new beautiful creams and scrubs I bought from Mecca. Plucked my eyebrows for the first time in forever and put cucumbers on my eyes... which I did eventually eat.
I'm not sure if this is considered productive, but it was definitely time consuming and I loved being able to finally give myself something nice that wasn't costly. I do have to admit, I spent a LOT of time plucking Jared's eyebrows and extracting those beautiful black and white heads.. highlight of this experience.

9. Get your Michelangelo on with painting

This one I've actually done before, we set up the guest room and I painted two giant pieces for over the bed. So I already knew this would be a great way to keep calm and give my creative side a workout. You can order your artwork supplies from eBay or from any local $2 store, they have the canvases, paint and brushes. 
I used IG and Pinterest to get ideas on what I wanted. I know the colour scheme to suit our house, so I mixed the colours till they were right & worked on abstract ideas. I'm not the best artist/painter, but with abstract work I think it's easier to get a handle on if your colours work well together. 
Now to find some more wall space...

10. Stay Fit & Healthy

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a regular gym-goer. But ever since getting our little Archie we walk at least once a day and go for a little jog around the park. Since the closure of all the gyms, I've been inspired by outdoor PT sessions and gym classes taking over the park. 
I'm not about to put on some runners and do a 10k jog, but I have started (Slowly) getting back into yoga with the help of Youtube and some tiring 8-minute ab blast videos. If working out isn't your thing, I still think a daily 20 minute walk refreshes the body and the mind. 
Written by: Taiba Ash
Founder of FinerRings