From the beginning, FinerRings has aimed to provide our customers with quality, affordable jewellery that is designed in Melbourne.

Starting our journey in Melbourne by launching online and attending local markets to then taking the leap with our first ever store in South Yarra in November of 2018, we have now grown to four locations in Melbourne and one in Sydney!

Our pieces are created with care in each of our stores and in our Balaclava studio for each and every online order that is placed. You are supporting a local brand that is worth it!


We have grown so much over the past few years, exploring areas of the jewellery making industry that we never imagined!

FinerRings now offers Fine & Wine, where you can sip on wine whilst learning how to make jewellery from our expert team!

Sparked is our latest experience offering for our true jewellery lovers. Book in and get your very own FinerRings bracelet permanently sparked to your wrist !


I was working full time about to take the risky move of quitting my job to become a nurse. I quickly realised my millennial-style lack of value for money would ensure my savings would dwindle hastily. So I devised a plan, start a small business to get me through my 3 year course...

I never expected FinerRings to get to where it is today. From the early days of attending local markets and launching an online store, to opening the doors of our first store on Chapel Street in South Yarra! We now have four locations in Melbourne, one in Sydney and a permanent studio for admin and online orders! Additionally you can find us all over Australia, we have over twenty beautiful stockists both close to home and interstate.

I feel so grateful for each and every customer that has supported FinerRings, allowing for it to become my full time job!


Check out our careers page to learn about the career positions at FinerRings and to see if we have any that we are looking to fill!