At FinerRings we empower woman to help build our brand together, as family


We teach all our staff how to individually make all our products, with love.

Our philosophy

To provide the best quality jewellery to all our customers.
Individually handmade, all anti-tarnishing and all affordable!

What we believe

We believe all staff have a voice and should be heard within our team. Every staff member can choose their field of where they would like to excel.

This could be jewellery design, jewellery making, working within our retail space, working within our studio or any other asset that they can bring to our team.

We are an inclusive and extremely supportive group of women wanting to grow the FinerRings brand, each bringing our fun personality and love for the job to work each day.  

"We have an absolutely amazing team and can't wait to welcome you in to it!"

- Taiba Ash (Founder)

Love to apply?

Please send your resumes and cover letters to us directly, at

We can't wait to meet you!