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The Difference in types of Golds: Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil, Gold Filled & Solid Gold

  We will start from the bottom of the spectrum and make our way up to the highest quality. The lowest quality gold you can buy would be Gold Plated. This is only in technicality due to it's major availability, its high manufacturing and the fact that for a long time, the only thing available outside of pure gold was gold plated. There are different 'microns' you can plate your jewellery with, but most mass-produced jewellery brands will use the lowest which would be <1 micron. Gold Plated has a brass/copper/nickel inside which doesn't make them great for sensitive skin/ears and will stain your fingers that nasty green. Pros would be that gold plated should be cheap and affordable, don't get swayed by a...

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10 ways to conquer at-home boredom

We are stuck at home together, Jared and I, he's been stood down for work as a commercial pilot & I am currently not working at the store, but at home.. together.. with Jared. Here are 10 things we have done together & can be also done solo, to overcome those moments of frustrated boredom, take my advice - they're winners!   1. Spring Clean  We started our home-bound adventures by not only scrubbing every surface with disinfectant, but vacuuming the house floor to ceilings and mopping every floor surface. Although this was super fun (NOT) I am also proud to say I managed to round up 5 garbage bags of clothes ready for donation.  Clothing with tags, clothing I wore...

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