As we hand make and package your orders from our Melbourne studio, we ask for up to 7 business days to complete your pieces.  

When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. Make sure to check your junk mail if you cannot find it.

We make our orders in chronological order. If you pay for express shipping, that is for Australia Post’s express service. In normal circumstances, orders with express shipping will be 1-3 business days from when Australia Post collects your order from us! Regular Parcel Post is 3-10 business days.

We want you to get your order as quickly as possible! For this reason, if we cannot complete your entire order due to stock shortages or any other unforeseen circumstance, we often will ship out the pieces we can complete and then send a second parcel with the remainder of your order as soon as we can!

Returns + refunds

We only offer refunds for items that are faulty or broken. We do not offer refunds for ‘change of mind’.

Please email customerservice@finerrings.com to arrange a solution, you will be provided with a retuns form if this is deemed to be the best course of action.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on items that have been customised.

We are happy to offer you an exchange on an item for another item that you would prefer! (This does not include earrings). We can offer this within 14 days of receiving your order or from the purchase date in store.

We do not offer exchanges or returns for our items that are sold by our stockists. We suggest reaching out to the place of purchase to organise any repairs you may need.  

For hygiene reasons, we do not offer exchanges or returns on earrings regardless of if they have been worn or not.

Our warranty is 3 months from purchase date.

We are more than happy to repair any of our pieces bought from our store or online store! If it is within warranty, we can replace the piece that has broken. If it is outside of the warranty, we can still repair it however there may be some costs incurred and replacements will not be offered.

Care instructions

Twist Hoops:

Our Everyday Hugger Hoops are what we call twist hoops and they have a specific way to be opened and closed to ensure they’re comfortable and secure.

Hold your hoop with your fingers on either side of the ear piece. To open and close, gently twist the hoops sideways until the thin post comes out of the hoop. Do not open the hoops by pulling the ends apart as this will bend the shape and break the hoops). Thread the post through your piercing and twist the hoop back into place until the ear piece clicks back into the hoop.

My item is tarnished

How to clean certain metals

Like all jewellery, over time our pieces may get dirty, especially those worn every day, but luckily, they can be cleaned easily! Our 14k Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver pieces can be cleaned with a polishing cloth as frequently as you desire! Our Gold Vermeil and Stainless Steel pieces however cannot be cleaned with a polishing cloth. You can put these pieces in a bowl of water with gentle liquid detergent and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.



Gold Filled

  • What is Gold Filled?
    • Gold Filled is a solid layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal, usually Sterling Silver. This process is not to be confused with Gold Plating, as Gold Filled has 100% more gold content than Gold Plating, making it more valuable, durable and tarnish resistant.
  • Caring for Gold Filled jewellery
    • Gold Filled Jewellery is perfect for everyday wear due to its quality and durability. It can be worn to bed, whilst showering, swimming and exercising. To keep it extra shiny, we recommend purchasing one of our Sunshine Polishing Cloths. Store pieces hanging up or boxed individually, away from dust and dirt.

Sterling Silver

  • Sterling Silver
    • Sterling Silver is an alloy, containing additional metals in order to add strength. This is done as pure silver is way too soft to be used in jewellery making.
  • Caring for Sterling Silver jewellery
    • Wearing your jewellery often is the best way to avoid tarnish, as natural oils in your skin will clean the silver. Alternatively, we recommend purchasing one of our Sunshine Polishing Cloths for a deeper clean. Storing your pieces in individual air tight bags with anti-tarnish strips is a great way to prevent tarnish in your silver pieces when they aren’t being worn.

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel
    • Stainless Steel is used in jewellery making for its affordable price, durability and hypoallergenic properties. It is an iron alloy mixed with Chromium and has a low Carbon content, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. We use the highest- grade Stainless Steel with a protective covering on top to ensure longevity. This makes Stainless Steel jewellery perfect for people who have nickel allergies or sensitive skin, so can’t wear jewellery containing gold or silver alloys.
  • Caring for Stainless Steel jewellery
    • Our Stainless Steel pieces are perfect for daily wear. To get the longest life out of your pieces we advise removing them before showering and swimming. When following the care instructions your pieces should last around 9-12 months. To clean stainless steel our Sunshine Polishing Cloth works perfectly. Alternatively, dip a lint-free cloth in a bowl of water with gentle liquid detergent and wipe your jewellery piece thoroughly.

Gold Vermeil

  • Gold Vermeil
    • Gold Vermeil jewellery is made by first creating the base of the item from Sterling Silver, followed by plating it with a thick layer of gold. At FinerRings we use the thickest coating available of 14K solid gold to coat our silver base. This means our Gold Vermeil pieces will stay yellow for around 6 months, as long as the recommended care instructions are followed.
  • Caring for Gold Vermeil jewellery
    • Gold Vermeil won't rust or make your skin green, but with age and wear the silver base will eventually be exposed. To give your vermeil pieces the longest life they should be taken off before showering, swimming and exercising. To clean gold vermeil, dip a lint-free cloth in a bowl of water with gentle liquid detergent and gently wipe your jewellery piece. We don’t recommend polishing your vermeil jewellery as this process can rub off the layer of gold, revealing the silver underneath.


At FR, we follow the US size guide for rings.

  • Pinky (XXS) = Size 3 US
  • Extra small = Size 4 US
  • Small = Size 5 US
  • Medium = Size 6 US
  • Large = Size 7 US
  • Extra Large = Size 8 US


At FR we accept Paypal and all credit cards.

We are happy to announce FinerRings now accepts AfterPay on all online orders!


We are all about finding amazing people to promote FinerRings pieces with others around the world. So if you’re looking to style yourself with beautiful handmade bling, we are looking for YOU. Please email chloe@finerrings.com with relevant information about yourself, your platform and what you can bring to our brand. We want to collaborate with the most stylish creative forces, brand ambassadors and content creators!

Love the FinerRings PR team xx

Become a stockist

If you're interested in stocking FinerRings Jewellery in your store please reach out to stockists@finerrings.com.

We will send you our wholesale catalogue which has all the information you need, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have!


We are always on the hunt for young, energertic individuals to join our FR family.

You can find all our ethos and career info at this link.

About us

FinerRings was originally established in Melbourne, Australia at the home of our founder Taiba.

While studying to become a nurse, Taiba grew FinerRings into the brand you see and love today. Starting at small makers markets around Melbourne, she opened her first store in November 2018 originally as a Pop-Up store. Years later, we are still in the same location shop 2 / 500 Chapel St and have a further four locations in Mosman NSW, Fitzroy VIC, Balaclava VIC and Chadstone Shopping Centre VIC.

This is just the start of our young brand and we can't wait to bring you more stores and locations all around Australia in the not too distant future!


We can customise the length of almost all of our necklaces, anklets and bracelets. If you want to add an extension onto a chain, please make sure to purchase the length of extension you would like. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about it!

The pieces we cannot shorten or extend are:

    • Herringbone necklace, bracelet and anklet
    • Gem linked necklace, bracelet and anklet
    • Clip chain necklace and bracelet
    • Rope necklace and bracelet

For any customisations, we recommend adding a note to your order during checkout with any specifications you think will be helpful.

At the moment, we are closed for comission pieces.

Gift wrapping and messages

All our online orders are sent in our gift wrapping materials. Due to wastage, we send our products out in one single box. If you'd like multiple boxes for multiple gifts in one order, please let us know in the notes section during checkout.

If you would like the team to include a card in your order, we can definitely do that. Please leave notes for the team in the notes section during checkout.

Promotion codes

At the checkout, there is a space for discount codes and digital gift cards. If you have any issues with it, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at customerservice@finerrings.com

Fine & Wine

Dietary Requirements

Due to catering requirements we only provide vegetarian and non vegetarian options for our classes. If you have any other dietary requirements please contact us prior to making your booking to discuss these further.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

As this is a licenced event, all food and alcohol is provided on the night. No personally purchased food or drinks are allowed to be brought onto the premesis.

I've booked the wrong date, what do I do?

Please send an email to experiences@finerrings.com to discuss a refund or date change. Please note, we will only be able to move you to a different class if there are available seats.

Do you offer classes for more than 10 people?

Please send an email to experiences@finerrings.com to discuss the class size/details you have in mind further.

Do you offer classes on other nights of the week?

This is a possibility, however we need time to arrange staff and catering for classes outside of our regular F&W schedule. Please contact us as soon as possible with any requests of this nature so we can discuss it further with you and see if we can make it happen!

Do I need to bring a ticket?

Please have a screenshot of your booking confirmation on your phone, this is proof of your Fine & Wine purchase and acts as your ticket for the night.

I have a discount code, can I use it to purchase a Fine & Wine ticket?

Fine & Wine tickets need to be purchased at full price. If they are purchased with a discount code your ticket is void and will be automatically refunded (this does not include gift vouchers).

Can minors attend a class?

Minors can attend our classes as long as they arent under the age of 16 and are attending with a parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or older. If you would like to book for anyone under the age of 16, please reach out to us at experiences@finerrings.com

I can't attend my class anymore, can I get a refund?

Our events are small and intimate, which makes it hard for us to fill seats if there is a last minute cancellation. If you need to cancel your ticket, please do so within 3 days for a full refund. Any need to cancel closer to the class time or faliure to show up will not be eligible for a refund.

What do I need to bring to my class?

All food, drinks and materials needed are provided on the night. The only thing you need to bring is your booking confirmation and yourself, ready to create!

I'm running late! do I need to let someone know?

The F&W doors open at 6:30PM with VIP shopping available for our class members for half an hour. The class commences at 7:00pm sharp. Please give our Fitzroy store a call if you are going to arrive any later than 7:00PM.

When booking this service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and it is understood that you have read our FAQ's.


What is Sparked?

A seamless, permanently fixed bracelet that is not removable. Get a chain of your choice Spark welded to your wrist and never have to worry about taking it off!

Where do you offer Sparked?

At our Balaclava VIC and Mosman NSW boutiques.

Does getting a welded bracelet hurt?

Not one bit! Your skin is completely protected with a leather cover and the zap of the welding pen simply emits a one second flash when joining your bracelet together permanently.

Is it safe to wear my Sparked bracelet in the ocean, shower, when exercising and through airport security?

All of our bracelets are made with 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver materials. This makes them durable enough to wear in the ocean, shower and whilst exercing! Our bracelets are also fine when travelling through airport security.

Is it safe to wear when getting an MRI or X-ray?

Unfortunately if you require any of these medical procedures you will need to cut your bracelet off. Keep hold of it and book a re-sparked appointment so we can Spark it back on to your wrist.

What if I have to take my bracelet off for any reason?

Due to the nature of permanent Sparked bracelets, they are unable to be removed without cutting them off. If you really need to remove it please cut it on the jump ring or one specific link to remove it. If you would like to get it re-sparked to your wrist please keep your chain and book in for a re-sparked appointment.

Can I get my Sparked chain made smaller after my appointment?

Due to the nature of delicate chains they can stretch without breaking if they get caught on something, even if you dont realise! If this happend and you wish for it to be made smaller please book a re-sparked appointment. We will cut a link or two off for you and re-spark it making your chain smaller.

Can I get my Sparked chain made larger after my appointment?

Once the chain is cut it is deemed custom and can not be made larger. The staff member that is operating your appointment will give you the opportunity to adjust the length of your bracelet before it is Sparked to your wrist. If after your appointment you change your mind and wish for your chain to be made larger we will need to cut a new chain (at the customers cost).

Can I bring my own chain to get Sparked?

Unfortunately we are only able to Spark our exclusive range of FinerRings chains. If you have previously been Sparked by us and your chain has broken but you still have it we can re-spark it, just book a re-sparked appointment!

I've booked the wrong date, what do I do?

Please send an email to experiences@finerrings.com to discuss a date change, this must be within 3 days of the appointment you have booked. Please note, we will only be able to move you to a different appointment if there are available slots. If you do not show up this will result in a forfeit of your $49.99 booking fee.

Can my friend and I get Sparked together?

Sure can! If you wish to come with a friend that is more than okay, we can fit 2 Sparked bracelets within our half an hour timeslot, please book the '2 people' option.

I'm getting Sparked and want a friend to come with me for company, is this okay?

If you want to come with a friend but only one of you if getting sparked this is okay too, please book the 'one person' your friend is more than welcome to come and hang out with you in the space.

Do you offer bookings for more than 2 people?

Unfortunately we can only fit in 2 Sparked bracelets in a half an hour timeslot. If you wish to come with a group of more than 2 please book back-to-back appointments and we can fit you all in this way.

Do you offer Sparked event booking or hire?

This is a possibility, however is something we are still looking into! Follow our socials to keep up with all Sparked updates.

Can I get a chain Sparked to my ankle, waist or somewhere else?

At the moment we are only offering Sparked appointments for bracelets, we are working towards offering different options in the future!

Do I need to bring proof of my appointment?

Please have a screenshot or email/text copy of your booking confirmation for us to see when checking you in.

Can my child under 12 get Sparked?

Minors can be booked in for an appointment as long as they aren't under the age of 5. They MUST attend with a parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or older otherwise their appointment will not be able to proceed and the $49.99 appointment fee will be forfeited.

I have a discount code, can I use it to purchase a Sparked ticket?

Sparked appointments need to be purchased at full price. If they are purchased with a discount code your ticket is void and will be automatically refunded (this does not include gift vouchers).

Is there any after care?

Nope! Your Sparked jewellery is all made from gold filled and sterling silver materials, the FinerRings quality you know and love. This means your pieces can be worn in the shower, at the beach and in the pool. If you find your piece is getting a bit dull with age this can be fixed with one of Sunshine Polishing cloths.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

The only thing you need to bring is your booking confirmation and yourself, ready to get Sparked!

I'm running late! do I need to let someone know?

Please call the relevant store that your booking is operating from if you are running late. We will try to still complete your appintment in your scheduled time, however, if there is not enough time we will have to tend to customers who have arrived on time. This will result in a forfeit of your booking fee and you will need to book for another date/time slot. Thank you for your understanding.  

Do I need to come to my appointment early?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to your appointment. This will leave you with plenty of time to choose your chain, any additional charms, read through and sign the terms and conditions form and do a little bit of shopping while you are in the store!  

What do I do if my bracelet breaks?

If your bracelet has broken within 2 weeks of it being Sparked please keep hold of your chain and book in for a re-sparked appointment. Your appointment will be charged to secure your spot however will be refunded on the day of your appointment due to being within warranty.

If your bracelet breaks after this two week period please book in for a re-sparked appointment. Unfortunately we will not be able to do this free of charge as it is out of the warranty period.  

If your bracelet breaks but you lose your chain you will have to book in for a regular Sparked appointment.

I cant attend my Sparked appointment anymore, can I get a refund or can I reschedule?

Our business in small and appointments can be hard to fill if there is a last minute cancellation or request to reschedule. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please email experiences@finerrings.com. Please do so within 3 days for a full refund or for us to be able to rechedule you. Any cancellations or requests to reschedule closer to the appointment time or faliure to show up will result in your $49.99 booking fee being forfeited.

When booking this service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and it is understood that you have read our FAQ's.

What are your Terms and Conditions for Sparked?

Please find them through this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z3lo542WETtByPiQK6q3IqgiVERWI8mt/view?usp=sharing

My Sparked bracelet has a little black mark where it was Sparked, will this come off?

Due to the bracelet being spark welded to fuse the ends of the jump ring together, there will always be a solder mark. Unfortunately this is unavoidable and is just a part of the process! Most of the marking will be polished off at the end of your appointment. Wearing your bracelet in the water may also reduce the marking slightly but this will vary person to person.

Jewellery Subscription

What is included?
Each box contains 3 items with a retail value of $100-$150. The products range from best sellers, to previews of new products and maybe even exclusive offers to our FinerRings experiences!
How it works:
Purchase a subscription
- Our Subscription Service is available to subscribe at any time.
- Customers who have signed up for a subscription only need to subscribe once, your box will arrive quarterly, no need to do anything!
Purchase a one-off box
- Customers who don't wish to subscribe but would like to recieve a one-off box can do so for a slightly higher price than our subscriber offer.
I dont want to subscribe but would like to receive information about the Subscription Service
- Sign up to our mailing list here if you wish to be notified about our upcoming subscription boxes and any news.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions are renewed automatically, however you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Your recurring monthly charge for a FinerRings Jewellery Subscription will be charged on a quarterly basis.
How long will it take for my box to arrive?
Boxes are hand made by our studio team, please allow uo to 14 business days for us to create your pieces and dispatch them. This timeframe may extend to 21 during busy periods, thank you for your patience!
We may require you to select your ring size, however this does not mean your subscription box will include a ring each time.
Our necklace chain and bracelet lengths are a standard size in line with all of our products. If you wish to purchase extra length for anything you recieved in your subscription box please do so here.
I recieved a ring in my Subscription box and it doesnt fit, can I exchange it?
We offer one ring subscription per customer. Please use the ring sizer in your subscription box to find your correct size, then send an email to info finerrings.com to arrange an exahange.
I dont like the products I received in my box or I already own them. Can I exchange them for others?
Unfortunately we do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges on products included in the subscription box unless they are faulty. Please keep this in mind when purchasing or subscribing! We only offer size exchanges if your ring is the wrong size.