FinerRings is my little experiment thought up in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. I was working full time and was about to take the risky move of quitting my job and perusing my passion of becoming a nurse. Before leaving, I realised my millennial-style lack of value for money would ensure my savings would dwindle hastily. So I devised a plan.

Start a little business to keep my going through my 3 year course. I never expected FinerRings to get where it is today. From the start – by opening up online – to attending local markets – I am having an amazing experience.I’ve been lucky enough to feature in fashion magazines, we are stocked in stores all around Australia & famous people wear my pieces! Growing FinerRings has been an experience that has allowed me to grow within myself.

Our first store, opened on the iconic Chapel St strip, at 500 Chapel St opens it’s doors in November 2018. I am loving this experience and hopefully this is the beginning of many locations around Australia. I can’t believe my luck, the shop is beautiful, right in the centre of the hustle & bustle. This little business is getting bigger and bigger & it’s all thanks to you.

... and by the way, I'm still studying nursing too!